Employee Lifecycle Management




Comarch ECM Employee Lifecycle Management is a solution designed for enterprises with hundreds or even thousands of employees, where the optimization of HR is important.



Replacement of a paper employee folder in everyday work with its electronic equivalent provides easy search and quick preview of documents, what translates into real time savings for the Human Resources department. It also provides easy access to basic information relevant for the manager without the need for further communication with the HR Department.

Notification and reporting system also allows for efficient management of expiring contracts or the need to carry out research or training.

Digitalization of records causes that the HR departments don't have to use hard copies of the documents anymore, what makes access to information easier and faster. At the same time, the costs of transfer and archiving of paper documents decrease. This is particularly important in the case of geographically dispersed organizations, such as retail chains.


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Supported processes


  • Recruitment Process (CV archive and document workflow)
  • On/Off boarding process
  • HR Dossiers
  • Business trips with expense claims
  • Holidays and Absence permits
  • Employee training & qualification 
  • Assessments

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  • time savings due to efficient search and easy access for the HR department and managers
  • reducing the costs of transport, archiving and creating additional copies of paper documents by digitizing HR documents
  • control of access to employee records through a sophisticated system of authorization
  • control of the completeness of the documentation and monitoring of the validity of HR through validation and system logic
  • efficient management of employees with the ability to search for files of employees' qualifications, training, language skills, etc.

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  • electronic HR documentation archive
  • extensive system of authorization
  • employee e-files with SmartFolders
  • preset folder structure
  • reports
  • monitoring of deadlines and e-mail notifications

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