Master Data Management




Efficient database management of key data (contractors, products) to ensure the completeness and accuracy of data entry.



Comarch ECM MDM allows the user to organize the process of adding and modifying key data. It also eliminates the chaotic email or paper communications that imposes double data entry. The use of electronic forms and workflow processes, integrated with Master Data systems not only eliminates the repeated rewriting of data by MDM employees, but allows them to be validated at the beginning of the process and allows the user to unify MDM processes on different systems.

A specific example of a solution is the management of suppliers data and dictionaries of cost goods  within Procure-to-Pay processes.

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  • elimination of the duplication of data through the use of electronic forms
  • verification of the correctness and completeness of the data by system validations
  • unification of MDM processes through clearly defined rules
  • efficient management of data through a central electronic repository for easy search
  • acceleration of the introduction of changes in the databases by automating the approval process

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  • electronic workflow of adding, modifying and acceptance of data
  • electronic Forms
  • multi-criteria search
  • Business Dictionaries
  • reports
  • integration with internal and external business systems (ERP, EDI, Active Directory)

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