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Comarch SFA Online Distribution is a modern platform for communication and data interchange between producers and their network of distributors..



The application automatically reports sales data and warehouse inventory.

The reports are generated on a daily basis thanks to a special interface installed in the distributors’ warehouses (integration with distributor’s ERP system).

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The app provides two-way, secure B2B communication. Producers get information as to warehouse inventories, resales levels and the sales reps' order completion level, while distributors get automatic order flow levels achieved by the producer’s sales reps. Data is then sent to a distributor’s accounting or sales system


The app provides an interface for the distributor’s financial-accounting system. A reliable partner network of integrators ensures that project interfaces are developed according to Comarch guidelines, and comply with EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) standards. Connecting more than 800 distributors allows us to quickly launch new projects


Comarch SFA Online Distribution is integrated with the mobile sales system, Comarch SFA Mobile Sales Force and Online Sales Support. Mutual information flow between systems allows each user to monitor the completion of KPIs (e.g. target sell-out, target sell-in)


Constant service is ensured, including: matching various records reported by business partners (catalogs: clients, products), the duplication of records, and the development of the constantly updated central register of products and clients. A dedicated team of about 50 consultants ensures the highest quality of data


The data collected from distributors is processed, completed, and unified and then reported to the producer. The available reporting options are:
1) database replication
2) input into a producer’s data warehouse
3) usage of Comarch SFA Online Sales Support


Presentation of the sales share of freely configurable manufacturer product categories as compared to the competition

avantages comarch sfa online distribution



  • Improving the availability of products by targeting the numerical distribution development level
  • Access to resale data of individual stores or store categories (supported or non-supported by own sales force)
  • Efficiency analysis of central and local marketing actions
  • Optimization of reserves (target sell-out, target sell-in) and own production
  • Possibility to establish real client potential and measure cooperation effectiveness (P&L)
  • Transparent system of mutual settlements between business partners
  • Effective settlement of sales representatives by both the producer and the distributor
  • Access to the distributor’s warehouse inventory by the producer’s sales representatives at the moment of order creation (in the Comarch SFA Mobile Sales Force application)



Comarch Helpdesk is the 1st line of support for Comarch SFA system users. Comarch consultants provide telephone support available in 6 languages (EN, DE, PL, UA, RU, FR) - 5 days a week, 8 hours a day.


Comarch provides system users with professional training sessions. Trainings are carried out by a professional team of consultants from our Training Center.


Comarch provides additional mobile device services in order to ensure uninterrupted work for mobile users.


Comarch Hosting provides a complete IT environment for applications located in one of the Data Center locations. The secure infrastructure and management services guarantee the efficient operation of business applications. Comarch Data Centers are located in Germany (Frankfurt, Dresden) , France (Lille), USA (Chicago), Poland (Cracow, Warsaw).


Comarch works with leading hardware suppliers, including mobile device manufacturers like Apple (Comarch is Apple’s Authorised Reseller) and Samsung.


As part of the implementation of the Online Distribution module, Comarch offers one-time or cyclical normalization and harmonization services for data obtained from distributors / wholesale outlets.


As part of the implementation of the Online Distribution module, the cyclical verification of data, obtained from distributors/wholesale outlets, is performed by comparing electronic data with hard-copy versions (reports, and lists generated by the distributor).


As part of the Geomarketing service we provide application sharing geocoordinate assignment to each point of sale.


"Carlsberg Poland decided to choose the solution Comarch SFA Online Distribution, because it fits the strategy of working closely with retail points. In this class of business Comarch presented the most attractive offer for both the implementation and subsequent maintenance of the entire system" - Michał Bobrowski, Carlsberg Poland

Colgate Palmolive

'We decided to choose the Comarch SFA Online Distribution for data acquisition and inventory our partner warehouses. Thanks to this we received direct and permanent access to market information. Due to the professionalism of Comarch specialists it was possible to adjust the family of ECOD solutions to the functional needs of our individual, business and technical needs of the entire logistic structure of the company' - Piotr Goździejewski, Colgate-Palmolive Poland


Nivea, one of the leading producers of cosmetics for adults and children has started collaboration with Comarch. The subject of implementation is the Comarch SFA Online Distribution.


'The choice of the Comarch solution was preceded by a pilot implementation stage, through which we could define our final requirements for the system and evaluate the product offered by Comarch. The final solution chosen for our company will allow for the comprehensive service of sales channels, and the system itself will support the work of commercial representatives in accordance with required work standards' - Rafał Stępień, Diageo Poland

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