Online Sales Support




Multifunctional web application designed to support work of sales managers, marketing managers and their business partners (distributors/stores).



It enables a comprehensive communication, reporting, and sales processes automatization (orders, complains).

The application works on notebook or desktop PC as well as on mobile devices (tablet).

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Reporting is performed through predefined, intuitive cockpits. For detailed analysis user can drill down to get access to dedicated tables, charts or OLAP cubes. The range of reports available for the user is defined by the system administrator through the proper assignment of roles and rights


The Manager’s cockpit is an area used for sharing key performance indicators (KPIs) and messages defined in the system with other users


Reporting sales data on Google Maps. The presentation is based on multilevel reports. The data is presented by the regions, or by any other analytical category, including specific client (their sales on graphs divided by brands), custom baskets, or particular sales representatives and their regions.


An OLAP Fast Grid module is available for advanced business analysts who need quick and easy access to large amounts of data. It provides easy access to the required tables and charts directly from OLAP cubes. Reports can be exported to MS Excel, shared with other users and be presented in a dashboard.


Supports planning and settlement of an entity’s trade promotion budget. Makes it easy to define long- and short- term promotional activities for selected customers. Helps to measure the effectiveness of promotional activities. Uses historical data to develop the best methods to increase sales


The messaging module is an area of mutual communication in the system, where key information is published and shared with other users (including business partners)


It allows business partners (distributors / stores) to place orders that conform producer standards like logistic minimum, product mix, promotional products. Orders are transferred directly (EDI technology) to the producer or logistic centre. System supports also other processes like: invoices, claims, packaging notes


System lets the user define simple loyalty programs based on orders data or resale data carried out in the system. The system may facilitate collection of points on dedicated accounts for each business partner (distributors / stores), redeem points on prize or rebates and classify participants into groups with different levels of privileges


Catalog of products that provides access to product cards that contain key information and pictures


Simple way of defining surveys and sharing directly to target groups. Monitor of opening rate or even enforce completing the survey. Collect and evaluate responses and finally analyzes gathered information. It also allows to easily share your feedback with your target group


Catalog of customers that provides access to all important information and business logistic data

online sales support avantages



  • Effective B2B communication (orders, claims, mailing subscriptions, surveys, dedicated individual marketing actions, trade marketing content)
  • Daily monitoring of:

      - resale/purchase progress

      - distribution development

      - reserve management

  • Lower costs of servicing your partner
  • Possibility of immediate reaction to results and market changes
  • Access to current sales and purchase reports
  • KPI reports including target completion level

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