Research & Development

Comarch is a strong, knowledge based company, with significant experience in developing sophisticated software and IT solutions for several key sectors.

Recherche et developpement

Most products offered by Comarch are developed in-house.  Comarch's capacity for constant innovation is backed by its vast experience, highly qualified human resources (1100 experts employed in several research and development centers around the World) and above all, by considerable R&D investments.

A major part of Comarch’s strategy is to conduct research and development aimed at implementing new products and their standardization from the very beginning, when they are being prepared for a customer. This ensures that even if a solution has been developed for a particular client, some, or all of the software code can be used to develop a standardized product. Such a strategy results in higher profitability and a growing customer base. In 2012, expenditure on research and development is currently 9.8% of Comarch SA revenues and 11.5% of Comarch Group revenues. Comarch is a knowledge-based company with extensive experience in developing specialized software and IT solutions for key sectors of the economy. Comarch's impressive capabilities are based on continuous innovation thanks to years of experience using and developing human resources and investments.These expenditures were financed by the Company’s own funds as well as public R&D financing.

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